Our Heritage

Based on more than fifty years of experience, Graae has accumulated a unique knowledge of hides, tanning, colouring, cutting and construction of leather goods

It all started in 1967 when Klavs Graae began working with leather in a workshop in central Copenhagen. Among his first clients were local and international rock musicians, including members of Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. He saw out the 1960's making leather goods for American draft dodgers from the Vietnamese War while living on the Spanish island of Ibiza. Thereafter, he spent the next 14 years living and working deep in the forests of Sweden, honing his skills and deepening his knowledge of wild hides, forestry and the natural world.

In 1984, Klavs returned to Denmark to found the company, that eventually became Graae Copenhagen. Since then the company has built a loyal and appreciative clientele for Graae’s classic and timeless leather goods. In the beginning of 2018 the company was bought by Gorm Jensen, who has been working with the brand for several years.


The Graae quality

Leather goods created with passion for uncompromising quality
First and foremost, we select the best hides and skin. We have always worked with some of the best tanneries in the world, including Italian tannery Tempesti through which we buy vegetable tanned and aniline dyed calfskin. This kind of leather is tanned from natural plant extracts such as oak bark, rhubarb,eucalyptus and acacia bark. Using the highest quality of skins, we make sure that our products patinate beautifully and stay with our customers for years.

Another central component is the hardware we use, including belt buckles, hinges and locks. These are all our own design and all made from solid brass which is plated with silver and palladium. Plating with palladium on top of the silver secure that the hardware will maintain the same look, even after many years of daily use.

In Copenhagen, we create and prototype new designs and we test them to the limit before we go into sample phase. When the product is right in terms of construction and durability, we team up with our partners in either France, Italy or Spain. Those are all world-class artisans, most of them going back 1 or 2 generations. In coop with our partners, we are able to think through every important detail of a product - details that in the end makes the difference between a good or a great product.


A Graae product is characterised by functionality, quality and a timeless design that can stand the test of time.

We cater to the classic - yet modern - man who is focused on product quality rather than logos.

In everything we do, we strive to design leather goods that will stay with you for a lifetime.