It is a great pleasure to introduce one of our oldest business partners, the tannery TEMPESTI from Italy. One of the leading companies in the tannery world for the production and commerce of leather for shoes, leather goods, belts and accessories manufacturing. See some of our belts here
The name is closely connected to the famous namely “VACCHETTA” type leather since 1946, when the Company was founded and started with the 100% vegetable tanned hand oiled heavy leather for waterproof boots. Since that date many things changed. New technologies entered the tannery, but you can still feel the old artisan spirit in the air.
Our leather is originated from bovine animals, coming from the best European cattle-farms and is tanned just with vegetable extracts. The hides are purposefully processed so that the leather retains all those characteristics given by nature. The presence of small marks of veining, and uneven colouring are not defects, but are characteristics of real leather.