Nubuck leather is a type of polished leather that allows the surfaces with fibres to imitate the appearance of velvet or suede. Natural nubuck has a soft and “velvety” texture used on the top layer of belts and. Nubuck material is more expensive than suede due to its durability.
Nubuck is also known as “twisted suede” or “artificially aged suede”, depending on the manufacturer’s imagination. Nubuck is an aniline leather with a buffed or polished to create a velvety or linty texture on the face. Nubuck is often confused with suede leather. But suede is the meshed side of the animal hides or double-sided cuts. Due to its velvet-like structure, nubuck is the softest leather type to the touch.
Natural nubuck is usually made of the cattle hides treated with salts and grinded with fine materials, while the production of suede presumes the use of small animal hides. The demand for nubuck shoes is enormous these days. Shoes, boots, and sneakers made of this material are considered elite and that is why they may cost a lot. This stylish material is also widely picked in the production of upholstered furniture, designer bags, gloves, various covers, and many other leather accessories. Natural nubuck is made from cattle hides of 6-month-olds (and younger) calves. That is why this material becomes strong, dense. But at the same time, it is soft, supple, and very gentle.
Differences between nubuck and suede
Nubuck is difficult to distinguish from suede because they look almost identical and feel the same when you touch both materials. But nubuck is sanded on the outside, and suede is on the inside. Since the outer surface is more durable than the inside surface, the nubuck lasts longer.
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